Restoration Services Provided

  • Cleanings to remove surface dirt, grime, old discolored varnish, any old restorations
  • Application of patches to any tears, rips, or holes
  • Consolidation of flaking paint and stabilization of weak areas
  • Relining of paintings on canvas to a new canvas substrate, masonite or other stable surfaces
  • Strip linings of paintings on canvas that are in stable condition but need to be re-stretched due to creases and buckling in the canvas itself
  • Application of gesso fills to any loss areas
  • In-painting and/or glazing of any loss areas using Restoration Colors

Conservation Services Provided

  • Application of coat(s) of protective varnish
  • Keying-out of buckling canvas into tension
  • Stabilization of any weak surfaces and/or
  • Removal from strainers and re-stretched
    onto stretcher bars
  • Most of these treatments can be applied
    to any painted surface. All treatments are
    reversible and only approved restoration
    and conservation products are used.